Video Poker

Slots Machines Versus Video Poker

Now you have entered into the fray of the wild and exciting world of the casino. You have endless game choices blinking and flickering. Which game do you choose? All games are clearly not created equal. But what you don't know can cause your wallet to bleed unnecessarily.

These machines are clinking and clattering making music as its players pump coins into them. Is it a good bet or a bad one? Well, the fact is that slot machines and video poker machines look very much alike on the surface, but their differences are enormous.

Slots are a very simple and user-friendly game. You can find slots games in infinite varieties, including the classic themed casino symbols of cherries, 7s, and BAR. Now there are video slots that are completely computerized and use a random number generator to tell the machine when to stop spinning. The great thing about these video slots is the variety of themes that you can play.

Online video slots also use the random number generator since, of course, there are no moving parts inside your computer screen! The themes and choices you can play online are even trendier and fresher. A traditional brick and mortar casino must test their slot machines intensely before ever placing them on the floor. The online casinos get to skip this step and you are the beneficiary of the speedy difference.

While video poker may look the same to a first-timer, you should be easily able to differentiate them. The video poker machines are usually a draw style poker game played alone. The machine will use the random number generator to deal the player a hand of five cards and the player can decide whether to keep all of the cards or discard and draw some new. Then the final hand is revealed and hopefully it is good enough to be a winner. A video poker game will have the winning hands and the payout table posted under the play screen.

You can choose to play the traditional casino slots or video slots, they are all easy to learn and thrilling. The choices at your fingertips are endless and the so is the entertainment. You can learn the rules in seconds and play in the casino or online for free or for real money.