Slots Comps

The Best Stuff is Free Stuff!

The one thing that all casino players dream about at night are comps, which are basically free items or services that a casino gives away in hopes of keeping you playing at their casino. Comps have long been the essence of the fancy Vegas casino legends. Film, books, and TV are filled with the images of beautiful people walking into a casino and having their every need cared for. Free drinks, Free hotel rooms and suites, free dinners, limo rides, and free everything! What a lot of people don't understand however, is that all these free comps that are gloriously displayed as being the end all and be all in a casino are not, in fact, free.

I guess it's because all the people that usually receive the comps in the movies are all rich that you never notice this, but in order to get those comps, you have to spend an incredible amount of money. The only reason the casinos give out those comps in the first place is to keep you spending that large wad of cash at their casino and not at the casino down the road. So it's important that people realize that most players at a casino will not really see any comps come their way, no matter what their strategy, even if you are spending what you think is a lot of money, like a few hundred. You really need to spend a many thousand in order to see any comps come down from on high.

But all is not lost. There is still a place for comps in the life of the average slots player, it's just not quite as extravagant as we see it in the movies. The way players should think about comps, is a kind of special treat for yourself. Lets say it's someone's birthday and you want to do something for them that they'd really enjoy. Well if you know they like their time at a casino, why not get together with a few other people and give them a wad of dough to spend. They can also increase their chances of getting comps by joining a slots club. What's great is that the birthday person will get to spend a great time at a casino as well as get wined and dinned by the casino for having spent a whole lot of money. It's the perfect special gift for anyone who likes playing at a casino.

Going this route can be especially nice for people playing slots. Slots is perhaps the one game in a casino where you can go through the most amount of money in the least amount of time, so slots players are in a unique position to take advantage of any comps that they might receive from the casino. Slots players deserve rewards, whether their playing progressive, or antique, for their time and commitment to the great world of slots. They would be happy to receive a little puffary that makes them feel special. So if you know a slots player and what to show them how much they mean to you, why not give them the gift of casino credits, they can spend it, not only playing slots, but also being pampered. A great gift!