Bonus Slots

Is Bonus Slot Games a Bonus?

You are looking at the endless choices of slots games and trying to decide which one is a good one to play, right? Well, there are a lot of things to consider when you decide which game to play. There are a variety of slots reels, themes and price. Another option that is worth considering is the bonus slots games.

You know the basics of slots, right? It's easy: you slip in a coin, spin and hope that some winning combination of symbols appears. Well, when you play bonus slots, there is an additional element involved and these are the bonus options and there are four standard options that you can find virtually everywhere including: Free Spins, Wheel of Wealth, Pick X of Y, and Pick until Collect.

When you are ready to choose a bonus slots game to play at, you can choose a theme and a bonus feature that appeals to you. The Free Spin is exactly what it sounds like. When you spin a certain symbol on the reel, you are rewarded with a free spin.

If you are playing slots at a machine that offers a Wheel of Wealth (or sometimes called the Wheel of Fortune), then spin the bonus symbol and you get to spin the Wheel. Whatever prize the wheel lands on is your bonus prize whether it is a casino t-shirt or Corvette.

The last two are quite similar in their result. If you receive the bonus symbol at your slot game and you are allowed to "pick" it may mean you can Pick 5 prizes, or however many have been denoted. These prizes may be really excellent if you are lucky enough to pick the right location. The Pick until Collect is very similar in that you may pick until you draw a specified symbol that ends your chance. So don't uncover the nasty "booby" or your pick is over.

A piece of advice that has kept me in good stead is to only play those games with one bonus feature and no more than that. If you play a slots machine with two bonus features, you are undoubtedly disappointed when the less exciting bonus opportunity rolls around. Another thing you should remember is that you will need to roll a significant number of times before you hit one of those lucky bonus features. So play the slots game because you like it and let the bonus feature be the cherry on top.