Progressive Slots Tips

Progressive Slots Make Progressive Wins


You've no doubt heard a lot about progressive slot machines. They're touted as being the most profitable slots in a casino for both the house and the players. But how can this be and how exactly do you take advantage of this mystical progressive slot machine you keep hearing about? Well in this section of the site, we'll run down everything you need to know about progressive slot machines, and tell you exactly how to join the ranks of players that are making progressive slot machines make money for them. First a little explanation.

For those of you who aren't familiar, progressive slot machines are like ordinary slots in just about every way except for the jackpot. In a regular slot machine the payout for the jackpot is a fixed amount based on the pay table for the particular machine. In most regular machines you hit the jackpot when you bet the maximum amount with the maximum number of coins, it's the same in a progressive machine but listen to how the jackpot works: In progressive machines, and this goes for progressive competitions as well, the jackpot is not fixed. For every bet that's made a certain amount of that bet is added to the jackpot. So with each bet made on that particular machine the jackpot gets bigger and bigger. So you can imagine that after a while, the jackpot can reach truly staggering proportions. This is the key to what makes progressive machine so profitable, if you win the jackpot, it's possible to win more than you put into the machine!

and there's another aspect to progressive slots that really shoots your winning possibilities through the roof, they can be banked! Okay, what does banked mean? Banked is the term used to describe a series or row of slot machines. when used with a progressive slot machine it means that all the slot machines in that bank all contribute to the jackpot. So in other words, every bet that's made on that entire bank of machines adds a bit to the jackpot. And when someone wins on just one of the machines, they win the whole jackpot. It's a truly amazing way to make a lot of money, especially when it's a large bank of machines used by a slots group or slots organization.

Now, it might be dine and dandy to tell you this about progressive machines, but how do you actually play a progressive machine to take advantage of these huge jackpots? Well we'll tell you. The only strategy for winning at a progressive machine and beating the odds involves betting a lot of money. If you're going to do it you need to be prepared to go through a lot of cash. So when you go to the casino to play progressives to win you better make sure you have a hefty bank roll.

When you sit down at the slots what you'll want to do first is get a n idea of the pay structure of the game, figure out the coin sizes that the machine accepts and load up all the lines, because you'll be betting the max every spin from here on in. It might seem like a silly thing to do, but it actually works! The reason this method works is because in most progressive games especially banked machines, the jackpot can get so high so that even if you bet maximum coins for a whole day, as long as you hit the jackpot you'll win back your money and more.

So the progressive strategy is basically simple. Bet as much as you can for as long as you can, as long as takes to hit the jackpot. But when you do hit that slots jackpot, all that hard work and money will be worth it!