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Digest Slots In Three Simple Categories

You have your comfy shoes on, you're wearing lucky shirt and all of your good-luck charms ready to strike. Now what? There are so many slot machines to choose from! It can be heaven or hell depending on how prepared you are to tackle them. In fact, there is no reason to be too concerned, since they are all easy enough to figure out. It is easiest to digest them in three simple categories: Straight Slots, Progressives and Bonus Slots.

The majority of questions may surround the wide variety of straight slots. Within this category you can find: the Multipliers, Multiple Paylines, Wildcard and Buy a Pay. All of this information can be found on the face of your slot machine. If you are ever curious about any of the details of your game and the amount it pays out, you can easily find that info on your specific game.

First, the Multiplier Slots will have a special symbol that when hit, will pay you a multiple winning amount. For example, maybe you hit the zombie in themed slot game and that zombie was denoted as a multiplier and paid you out 2x the usual amount. Another variation on the multiplier games are the Bonus Multiplier. When you hit the special symbol, you are given 2x the bonus prize instead of 2x the payout.

A Multiple Payline certainly looks more complicated. If you are new to slots, you may feel more comfortable with the standard 3 reels and one payline. But as you become used to the slots, you will see you options are endless. You can have 3, 5, or 7 reels that spin for possible winning symbols. As the number of reels change, so do the lines you look at for winning symbols. Some slots games have as many as 20 different paylines that you can bet on in a variety of combinations. This complexity adds a whole different dimension to the game.

The last of the categories we have listed here is the Buy a Pay. Sometimes slots games have several payout tables that can win and you have to choose if you would like to bet on additional payout tables. This gives you more chances to win on each spin.

After learning the variety of straight slot options, you can then determine if you would like to enter the additional rewards of progressive or bonus slots. Both these topics are covered in their own heading at our site. So never fear. Just step on in and give the old slot machine a spin. There are so many variations from as simple to complex as you feel up to try. You will never be bored and can play for what matters to you!