Cheating the Slots

Are There Really Ways To Cheat At Slots !?!

Say it ain't so! Well, in fact this section is not in any way here to offer you some illegal way to break the slot machine's bank. But this information can give you some ways that have been tried, scams the casino operators are hip to, and things you should never try since you will undoubtedly end up in the slammer with an orange jumpsuit.

There are two categories of cheats in the slots world: mechanical scam and programming cheats. Do you remember in the old days how the snack vending machines didn't have a protective catch on the door at the bottom? A little kid's arm could easily snake up and clear off the bottom row of goodies. The mechanical cheats are clever, and were successful in some of the past stories you can hear on the internet. However, the mechanical cheats are now protected against and much harder than ever to get away with.

Slugs are fake coins and were a kind of cheat that could have been used in the early days of slots. Now, there are lasers to carefully measure the coins and fancy catch systems in place to make sure that you are not faking your pay. Also, in the early days of slots, it was easy to trick the machine into paying out even when you hadn't won. Special tools were created by cheaters to trip the wire or switch that controlled the safety holding the money in the machine. The safety devices protecting the slots purse have evolved into something much more sophisticated involving optical sensors to keep one step ahead of the cheaters.

I can remember when I was younger and playing the first Mario Brothers game, I was thrilled when I learned about the cheat codes that would skip a few levels. The programmers built in this cheat if you knew how to access it, then you could also cheat. It was invisible to the naked eye so you would never see it unless you knew where to look. This is an example of a cheat built into the software and is much more sophisticated and complicated to get past the casino security. It has happened in the history of slots machines that unscrupulous programmers built in cheats to get their game payout when certain patterns were punched in.

In all cases, the casinos spend an inordinate amount of time testing out all machines through hundreds of tests. These tests are looking for any possible mechanical or software security breaches. The casino also uses their bird-eye view from the thousands of cameras in the casino to look for suspicious activity or cheaters at machines.

The advantage of the online casino slots is that there are no moving parts or physical machine to tamper with. With no moving parts, there are much fewer chances for mechanical cheats. The cost of operating these sites is so much less than a traditional casino, as well, so that the payout rates can be better online. You can enjoy slots online or on land, but the great thing is you can feel secure in knowing the casino operators are looking out for cheats.